Preferred Drywall Contractors

Specializing in Insulation R-2000 Air Seal and Drywall Installed in High Quality Custom Homes

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At Preferred Drywall we believe that everyone, builders and home owners alike; realize the importance of quality drywall installation and finishing. Given the problems of truss-uplift and wood shrinkage in today’s new homes, our professional methods of drywall application keeps cracks and screw pops to an absolute minimum. Our experience with proper construction methods ensures consistency and smooth finishes on all our drywall projects.

The construction of a family’s dream home is their single greatest investment; we take pride in knowing that with our experience your home will be treated with the utmost care and built to our high standards regardless of the size of the project.

Quality Workmanship

Preferred Drywall Contractors believes in old fashioned quality & personalized service. We specialize in new home construction in Winnipeg and surrounding area, including Kenora.

If you are looking for quality, personalized service, and professional workmanship then look no further than Preferred Drywall Contractors.